LPG / SNG / CNG / Specialty Gases


Our vaporizers no water required, no corrosion or rust, requires only 45 seconds to reach operating temperature to start, 100 % turndown capability, thermal efficiency exceeds 97%, high liquid level control and safety control board. We manages the application and sales of standard product, pre-engineered vaporizer systems from small to high capacity for any commercial and industrial applications.


We supply turn key SNG system project basis, design engineering, manufacturing, fabrication, installation, commissioning, training, maintenance product and systems, SNG is mixes between LPG vapor and air simulate to the combustion characteristics same as natural gas. Adjustment of the ratio is made by adjusting the air flow and modulates to maintain the correct and constant mixing ratio between LPG and air.


We design and supply full range capacity, onsite construction to containerized, package unit for harsh environmental conditions, remote system simplifies field installation, standard and custom design modular heating system. Flow metering system and gas pressure reduction with valves control more precise discharge pressure control to process combustion equipment.


Standard and custom modular single or multi configuration design anhydrous ammonia vaporizer system are used in power industry for SCR and SNCR applications, semiconductor manufacturing, cargo tank unloading as well as for general industry. Pre-engineered equipment for natural gas and air mixing system for digester gas replacement for generating electricity at wastewater treatment plants.