PT. Pico Reksa Pratama is 25+ years based trading, engineering and fabrication company specialized in LPG/SNG/CNG/NG Technology, Safe Handling Hazardous/Toxic Chemicals, Static/Bonding Grounding, Instrumentations and Combustion Technology.

We serve local and global markets. We manage our business to achieve consistent competitive prove, long term profitability, first class high quality product, professional engineering designs, service clients in a friendly, strategic partnerships and distribution arrangements with leading world class companies to reach PICO customer base of wholesalers, OEM and end user around the world.

We supply, integrated solutions design, manufacturer, commissioning and training complete systems LPG/SNG/CNG/NG, Hazardous chemical handling, Static/Bonding grounding, Combustion control and sub systems. Engineering excellence craftsmanship in design and manufacturing make PICO unique. Our technical staff includes mechanical, process and electrical engineer as well as team of 3D CAD designers build all mechanical parts, electrical panel, design special control systems and write software. PICO are a one stop shop.

Single source of supply (comprehensive range of product lines), Consolidation of products (combine for complete shipments), Product knowledge (technical support and factory engineering training) and Multi lingual staff to communicate.

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