As single source provider of combustion markets, we design full line of high efficiency combustion systems for aluminium, metal heat processing furnaces from ferrous heat treating to primary iron and steel, annealing, galvanizing and non ferrous metal treating. We offer complete range of burners and controls to fit any high temperature furnace applications, expertise engineering engineer, field proven applications for any industries.


Our product is used to achieve consistent results for the drying, washing, painting, curing, VOC destruction and heat treatment of automotive, paper, grain, fabric, powder, food, gypsum, textile while holding emissions to the lowest levels in the industry. No matter what the heat distribution your requirements, we design integrated solutions and perfect combustion systems to fit any ovens in a low temperature applications,.


From gas or oil burners to complete systems, we provide combustion and control solutions for every process in glass plant, superior quality products and the innovative natural gas and oxygen fuel burner technology, Capabilities 3D modelling, special software and tools enable us to speed up product development, reduce costs, improve product quality and reliability.